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Alethea Jacob

F i n d  y o u r  s o u l ' s  p u r p o s e.

Intuitive Life Coach, Business Consultant, Metaphysical Teacher, Author and Speaker.


Who is Alethea?

Alethea Jacob is an Intuitive Life Coach, Metaphysical Teacher, Business Consultant, Author, Speaker, Monroe Institute Accredited Outreach Trainer and Society of NLP Certified Trainer. She offers customized private sessions for life and business coaching, and a variety of workshops, retreats, classes and custom events. She is holds numerous Holistic & Professional certifications, including Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and many more.

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Personalized Consultation

Holistic Approach

Experienced & Professional Consultant

Virtual Consultation

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Our Consultation Services

• Spiritual Life Coaching
• Clairvoyant answering of questions listening to the promptings and messages from Spirit
• Reading Angel, Oracle and Tarot Cards
• Writing and relaying inspired writing, poetry and messages from Spirit
• Reading Palms
• Crystal layouts for healing and energizing people and locations
• Reading Energy and Auras
• Reading Pictures and Tuning into objects and their energies
• Mediumship and communicating with Spirit, guides, and departed loved ones including people and animals
• SRT - Spiritual Response Therapy to assist with personal or relationship soul issue clearing along with associated house/office blessings and negative energy clearing of home and office locations
• Certified master practitioner of NLP, Hypnotherapy, and Timeline Therapies
• Certified Massage Therapist and Healer in multiple modalities including Swedish style massage, Reflexology, Thai Massage, Reiki (Master), Matrix Energetics, The Reconnection, and the Results System of healing utilizing kinesiology and other tools to assist in body and energy realignments to ease pain and increase range of movement.
• Ordained Minister in the Sanctuary of the Beloved – a healing teaching order of Melchizedek whose mission is to positively impact people’s lives.

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Meet Alethea

I am a teacher’s teacher and a healer’s healer. I help others who are devoted to service. I help anyone who comes to me to the best of my ability.


Alethea Jacob

Healer, Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Massage Therapist

I am the eldest daughter of the eldest daughter of the eldest daughter, and
having spiritual gifts of intuition, perception of and communication with spirits. I
hear the voice of the Holy Spirit prompting me and providing personal revelation
and guidance to me often.

How Our Services Can Benefit You

Promotes Better Mental Health

Our consultation services can help you improve your mental health and well-being.

Reduces Stress Levels

Our consultation services can help you reduce stress levels and manage anxiety.

Improves Communication

Our consultation services can help you improve communication and build stronger relationships.

Promotes Personal Growth

Our consultation services can help you achieve personal growth and reach your full potential.



"My first visit with Alethea was about 5 years ago. I was having a hard time with my grandmother passing and she connected me with her. It was a beautiful and positive experience. She was very sweet, very accurate about everything. I’ve had a few sessions over the years with her and each time she’s always on point. I leave feeling happy, positive and with answers." Erica M.  - Connecticut

Colorful Wavy Lines
"We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us." - Joseph Campbell

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