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Inspired Writings

The Muse of “Monroe” *

What do you seek coming from near or afar?

Do you seek enlightenment, adventure or something essential to your soul?

Do you hope for a portal to another time and place?

Or to simply connect with what you want and need?












Ever affirming the credo “You are more than your physical body,”

You come to so see and know for yourself and share your experiences

With fellow travelers along the way.


(*Monroe refers to the Monroe Institute as well as to its founder, Robert (Bob) Monroe who pioneered utilizing science and technology to assist in consciousness expansion and exploration.)

Written by Alethea Jacob on 7/29/23

Image by Omkar Jadhav

The Crystals on the Hill

The Guardian stones stand like sentinels in time

Holding the space and energy for any who wish to visit and play

They come from a distant land and ancient time to remind us

We are all connected.

They shine their light and sing their song

Vibrating love for all who have eyes to see and ears to hear

And a heart to feel

What will you see as you gaze into the portal it creates

Into other lands and times?

What messages come forth from the frequencies

aligning the vibrations of your soul?

How will your heart and soul be touched

And forever changed by the cumulative collective love

They offer asking nothing but your love in return

To add to the whole

Healing and inspiration

Joy and love

Awaken and remember

We are all one.


(Written by Alethea Jacob while sitting by the giant Rose Quartz crystal at Roberts mountain during Peak Week at the Monroe Institute, June 2023)

Image by Mohammad Alizade


You stand in the center of your own universe.


You are the love in the heart of your creation.


Give voice to the song in your soul longing for expression.


You are the messenger unfolding the message.


A truth ever known, yet joyfully forgotten to delight you with discovery as you travel on.


You are blessed and holy despite any appearance of the profane.


 Refinding your purity and power, your innocence and peace is a gift of revelation.


The Earth is your home and you are her home.   For she would have no being without the song of creation you collectively sing.


(Written by Alethea Jacob on March 13, 2003 while at The Monroe Institute.)

Image by Vincentiu Solomon

Here and Now

Like a drop in the ocean, I am contained within myself.

Not certain where I am distinct and where I dissolve and merge within the whole.


I am ocean, but can only perceive myself as drop.

Without the ocean I have no context or meaning – I do not exist.


Without me, the ocean is incomplete, which is impossible.

We are both drop and ocean, part yet whole, source and hologram;


Everything and nothing based on our choice, our awareness, and our capacity to be and experience love.


I am here, now.    


(Written by Alethea Jacob, at TMI, Conscious Presence, February 2019)

Image by Matt Hardy

Becoming Truly Human

You were born to fulfill your potential.

Your birthright is to thrive and shine and become all that you can be.


The gifts and talents you strive to perfect are innate to all sentient life;  ways of being once usual and pervasive, now all but forgotten.


In your soul you remember, and yearn to forget and unlearn that which has taken the place of the natural order of things.


Simply open your heart to love ALL – when there is oneness of mind, spirit and heart there are no walls of time and space.


You do not need to be special or earn the right to wield the keys of knowledge.

Open your heart.

Quiet your mind.

There is no good or bad, merely forms of expression.


Once, you all shared a common language and were then confounded when you perceived differences and chose hate and fear over kindness and love.


Have compassion for yourself and others.


Still the distractions of your busy lives.


As you think, so you are:  Intention and Attention leads to Energy and Information.


Being 1st, then doing.    Be.  Know.  Act.

Kindness Matters.  Connecting is Noble.


Embracing your higher nature is an act of remembering the oneness that expresses as the many.


There is but one heartbeat, one breath, in the stillness of the nothingness where all was born, exists and returns.


Become truly human.  The fullness of knowing and expressing is something you have always been and is there for you to reclaim, to share, and to know once more.


Allow yourself to remember. 


You already know. 


You have always known.


(Written by Alethea Jacob Burnsworth in December 2019 while attending Remote Viewing II at The Monroe Institute.)

Image by Tim Foster


The scent of the honeysuckle fills the air,

Portending the beauties of Spring about to unfold.

Its sweetness a blessing as it wafts through an open door or window.


If you won’t come out, I will come into your soul.

Like a sunbeam penetrating a cloud laden sky


I hear the longing of your soul and remind you to shine

And Fill the world with your brilliance


Just as I fill the corner of mine with a pleasing fragrance

For any nearby to enjoy.


(Written by Alethea Jacob on June 16, 2023 in Newtown, CT.)

Image by henry perks


A sacred feeling of gratitude, appreciation and wonder.


Beyond words it is the connection with something far greater than self.


It is the state of being where time stands still and for that moment anything is possible, yet nothing is needed.


You “Come to the Dessert” or “Go to the Mountain” to break away from the distractions and pressures of everyday life so you can rest, recharge, and regain clarity on the priorities and purposes in your life and the doings that comprise your time.


In nature you can hear the whisperings of the wind, feel the warmth of the sun filling your energy field and feel the Earth around you supporting you and being the witness – giving testimony and support to all that has ever happened and to what adventures lay ahead. 


Written by Alethea Jacob while in Sedona, March 2022

Image by Ivana Cajina


You are light and darkness balanced in the night sky.


You are love and hate balanced in a wounded heart.


You are man and woman expressing individuality despite the oneness at your core.


You are living yet dying as you traverse the line called Time.


You are a fractal within a fractal for the lifetimes you have lived.


A Higher Self, A Lower Self, an Unconscious, Conscious, Super Conscious Self just trying to make it through the day.


(Written by Alethea Jacob while in Sedona, March 2022)


What do you see that is different when you have eyes to truly see?

What do you hear as your ears open to hear?

What does your heart feel as you have compassion and detachment as the nature of your love?


Despite your loneliness you are never alone.  It only serves you to believe so, so you can make the changes you are willing to make only while no one else is watching.


Did you ever wonder if the caterpillar feels pain or joy at the transformation he cannot conceive of, yet is compelled to allow and is complicit in the preparations despite the unknown?

Without the cocoon she would not be able to survive the transformation into the butterfly.


Without preparing the exposed caterpillar would succumb to malevolent forces and would perish, defeating the time of preparation and the spiritual imperative encoded in its DNA.


Allow;  Participate; Act when prompted.

Rest, Refresh, and Recharge in the meantime.


The time to shine your light once more will be here sooner than you think.


Written by Alethea Jacob while in Sedona, March 2022

Image by Michal Mrozek

The Way

‘Show me the way’ your spirit calls out.

To whom are you calling and why?

Have you forgotten the truth of who you are?

Awaken, remember, and choose to forget no more.

You are a child of destiny; a spirit of light;

A soul on their journey of exploration and expansion,

Returning to self and enhancing your being by the process of who and how you have loved,

And what you have learned along the way.


Written by Alethea Jacob at TMI November 4-10, 2023

Image by William Farlow
Image by Giulia May

Choose Well

The power of creation lies latent, dormant within each conscious being.

What will the causal factor be that awakens you to the full measure of your creation?

Will you consciously, purposefully choose to act, seek and allow for it

    And wield it as the gift you were given as your birthright?

It is not possible to walk in darkness when you are shining your light.

Once the truth is fully known, you can never be alone unless you choose to forget.

So choose well, with love and gratitude


Written by Alethea Jacob at TMI November 4-10, 2023

Image by Matti Johnson


What are the patterns of your life?

What serves you on your path and in your every day?

Interrupt and redirect the patterns and thoughts and actions

    which distract you from the purpose of your life, the longing and fulfillment of your soul.

Redefine and Qualify, Embrace and Embody what is useful and serves you in the now.

Emergence is dependent on preparation, momentum, and the ability to fully choose what you do, why you do it, and who you are and are becoming as a result, with love and gratitude


Written by Alethea Jacob at TMI November 4-10, 2023

Image by Sid Suratia


Loving Kindness   (Note – Loving is a verb here, not an adjective)

Human Kind, Man Kind, Woman Kind.

Kindness is at the core of your being, your existence.

When you remember who you are in your essence it is easy to be kind.

Kindness is an expression of Love:

·       Love of Self,

·       Love of Others,

·       Love of Life.

A song once said “In the end, only kindness matters.”

In the eternity of timelessness, where there is no beginning nor end, Love and kindness are all that matters. 

It creates the matter of the universe.

As the oneness you are expands, contracts and exists,

Love is the way,

Kindness is the expression,

Peace is the reward you reap for sowing righteous seeds

Image by Mike Scheid

Conscious Coherence

Like a board meeting of your being

When your goals and priorities align

You come together in diversity and strengthen the resolve of the whole

What will you do with this new found power?

Who will you be with this new awareness of self?

Until it becomes as natural as breathing to express this unified way of being

You have to choose, so choose often and well


Written by Alethea Jacob at TMI November 4-10, 2023

Image by Felipe Bastias


Behold the light approaching,

   soft within the darkness

Gently piercing the veil,

   bringing awareness and love wherever it goes.

You are that light

    traveling through your journey of unfoldment

Shine brightly for yourself

    as well as to light the path for others along the way.


Written by Alethea Jacob in July 2023 at The Monroe Institute

Image by Tao Yuan


Who am I contained in the oneness of me?

Contracted, Expanded, my essence is the same.

My focus and awareness may shift

     yet my purpose remains unchanged -

To be what I choose and to express love along the way.


Will you turn the dial of time faster or slower as you experience the now?

Perhaps the illusion which gives meaning to the moments

Doesn’t care if it is perceived quickly or slowly,

    just that you noticed it at all.


Written by Alethea Jacob in July 2023 at The Monroe Institute

Image by Elias Kauerhof

What is a singularity more than oneness with oneself?

The reunion of parts to reconstitute your whole.

A moment in time, forever now.

A place in eternity, precisely here.

The observable point which collapses the waveform

And makes sense of the mystery and magic

   of you,

   of us,

   of all

 expressing as many until we are together as one once more.

Written by Alethea Jacob at TMI November 4-10, 2023

Image by Cristian Escobar


You will be beyond limits once they are not even a consideration in your experience of yourself.

Free from the impositions of others impressing upon your soul.

Similar to the paradox where you cannot be aware of having no thought while you are having no thought.

You cannot be limitless while you accept and are aware of limitations.

It is only in hindsight and noticing the state of being where

expansion, oneness, nothingness, and everything

 existed at the same time.

When you are immersed in the moment, the moment does not exist in your awareness like the atmosphere around you.

It is not that you take it for granted, it would not be useful.

And could actually impede what is possible.


Written by Alethea Jacob at TMI November 4-10, 2023

Image by Alberto Frías

Sacred Journey

What hallowed halls we traverse

     as we explore the universal mind

The fractals of consciousness swirl with delight

      as they create and recreate the patterns of our lives

Energy flows where consciousness goes,

       a truth more profound than you know.

Be at peace and have fun as your spirit explores

       all which your collective consciousness has done.


 Written by Alethea Jacob in July 2023 at The Monroe Institute

Image by Daniil Silantev


Our finite minds try to grasp the ungraspable we have created

Through volition, acts of choice or grace

     we find ourselves in this present and in this place

The gift of life of conscious awareness, of who we are and why we are here

     Is a journey shared by all

Despite infinite expressions, the truth remains the same

We are all one, and through love we help each other find our way back home.


Written by Alethea Jacob in July 2023 at The Monroe Institute

Image by Jeremy Thomas


The Vow

Water seeks its own level like the soul searches for reunion with the one of its being

Water can be peaceful and calm, life giving, sustaining and refreshing

Yet water can also be raging and damaging to the environment

    Causing harm along the way

You too are like the water and can impact your world in benevolent or malevolent

     ways depending on what you choose

If you choose nothing consciously, then like a stagnant pool of water your

     purpose lies unfulfilled

Unlike water, you have the choice and ability to affect the world around you and

      thus fulfill the measure of your creation

Be what and who you were born to be

Be what your soul longs to express

And in the doing and being you will find the peace and love the celestial worlds sing to be the beacon to guide your soul home

  to jam in the collective song of the cosmos unfolding and expanding the universe into being.


Written by Alethea Jacob in July 2023 at The Monroe Institute

Image by Linus Nylund

I will shine my light and hold the space for all to return to the one.

I will sing my song of creation with joy and gratitude.

Each soul I save is a part of me reuniting with the whole.

A joyful home coming of our essence.

Remembering who we are.


Written by Alethea Jacob in July 2023 at The Monroe Institute

Image by Thomas Kinto


How will you sustain these thoughts and feelings of love and gratitude as you go back into your world?

Intention, action, repetition – until it becomes your nature to be or do nothing other than what is in alignment with your highest, truest version of yourself.

Fulling your purpose and expanding in love.

Gratitude, service, mindfulness.

Love of Self.  Love of Others.  Love of All.

Christed beings, Buddhas and Saints see only with the eyes of love and compassion.  They are detached from judgement.

They shine their light, share their wisdom and sing their songs regardless if anyone hears.

Yet ever knowing it is our ultimate nature to be nothing and everything contained and expressed as and through love.


Written by Alethea Jacob in July 2023 at The Monroe Institute

Image by Anastasia Sklyar
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