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A Little About Me

• I was born in Yonkers, New York in June of 1962.
• I am a daughter of destiny who has always felt there was something very
important I was meant to do in my lifetime to have a profoundly positive
impact on the lives of others.
• I am a spiritual woman with extensive worldly and esoteric experiences.
• I am an intellectual entrepreneurial business woman with many
certifications, degrees, and educational credits.
• I am a teacher’s teacher and a healer’s healer. I help others who are devoted
to service. I help anyone who comes to me to the best of my ability.
• On my mother’s side of the family, I am the eldest daughter of the eldest
daughter of the eldest daughter.
• My name Alethea, means “Wholesome and Healing, and the Light and Truth
of God.”
• On my father’s side of the family, I am the daughter of David, Son of
Samuel of the house of Jacob. I honor and respect tradition.
• I believe in a higher power and consider myself a spiritually aware person. I
was raised Catholic and am a Christian with Jewish influences, and have
studied, respected and explored the cultures and traditions of many religions
and forms of spirituality.
• I am a woman still healing from an unexpected divorce with the man I loved
and had been with for over 16 years and recovering from the profound grief
and mourning I felt after suddenly and tragically losing my mother, my best
friend, in September of 2015. With Mom’s death all the members of my
family of origin have died and passed onto Spirit. My father died suddenly
and early at age 46 in 1987. My brother and only sibling died suddenly and
early at age 41 in 2006.
• My father’s death precipitated a profound spiritual connection and opening
for me that solidified my path of spiritual service.
• My brother’s death through me into a multi-year “dark night of the soul” and
shattered the foundations of my faith, causing me to rebuild and redefine
who I am and what I do.
• My mother’s death was the most frustrating and helpless ordeal I have even
been through, that was also filled with tremendous blessings, graces, and
opportunities for healing.

• My divorce although leaving me alone and having to adapt to a life and
future different than what I had planned, it has also given me the opportunity
to return to my soul work of spiritual life coaching, teaching workshops,
lecturing, writing books, conducting retreats and helping others with
whatever gifts I can that would be of benefit.
• I have witnessed, experienced and participated in miracles, been in the
presence of Angels, and have experienced many profound spiritual
experiences in my life.
• I communicate with spirit, angels, and loved ones in order to bring messages
of comfort, insight, guidance and answers to questions for those who request
or need it. This includes both people and pets. Where there are bonds of
love, there is always a way to connect.
• My soul’s purpose is:
• To be a light in dark places;
• To be the bridge builder to help others get from where they are to
where they want and need to be, whether in their personal life or in
their professional/business life.
• To lead others to find, know and embody their own soul purposes so
they can live a more conscious purposeful life filled with joy,
meaning, and positive impact, creating a legacy and value for their

• I am a Renaissance woman. When I was younger, I ascribed to be like a
female version of Leonardo Da Vinci. I wanted to learn about every part of
life, art, science, philosophy, healing, creating, etc. Over the years I have
constantly studied, trained and gained competency and expertise in a variety
of areas. I have strived to be a “Jane of All Trades and Master of Self”.
• I am a loyal and loving friend who cares deeply for those in my life.
• I am an extrovert who loves people and gets energized from meaningful
personal interactions and opportunities to share energy and information with
• I am introspective and self-aware, and am constantly checking in to make
sure I am staying true to myself and my path. I am very aware of my
strengths as well as the areas where I have challenges. (I am originally from
New York, and am now living in Wisconsin, so there were some cultural
things I needed to pay attention to modifying to make those around me feel
more comfortable.)
• I am a woman of my word. I was voted “most dependable” when I was in
Grade School and have lived up to that honor my whole life.

• I am smart. I have above average intelligence with a genius IQ (142) and
better than average street smarts /common sense from the varied life
experiences I have had. I graduated first in my class in grade school, was
valedictorian in high school, Deans list and named to who’s who in
American Colleges and Universities and have thousands of hours of classes
and trainings I have taken over the years after graduating from formal
• I am extremely intuitive, can read energy, and have used my skills in the
service of others since I was 9 years old.
• I am extremely compassionate and empathetic, and often sort myself by
others. I have experienced and survived tremendous hardship, challenges,
and pain over the years. I not only survived, but thrived and utilized what I
learned from those darker times to better help others in more meaningful
ways because I have been in their shoes. I resonate credibility and congruity
when I tell them there is hope and a way out of the darkness. I know
because I lived it.
• Astologically: My sun sign is Gemini. My rising sign is Leo. My moon is
in Libra. Translation – I am a woman who loves to communicate with
others, who has a wide variety of interests and talents, who enjoys being the
center of attention in order to help others strive for balance in their lives.
• I am a great team player and able leader who is willing to roll up my sleeves
and do whatever is necessary to get the job done.
• I am extroverted (ENFT on the Myers Briggs Scale) and love to be with
people, and I enjoy recharging my battery immersed in nature and the arts.
• I have many passions, hobbies and skills:
• I love to sing and have performed by myself and with many groups in
a variety of places over the years, from Folk Groups and Community
Theatre groups, Madrigal groups and Chorales, Rock Bands and
Wedding Bands, on stages, on cruise boats, in parks and sacred places
around the world. My most memorable singing experience was when
I was with the Manhattan College Singers representing the United
Stated in an International Singing Festival Series and we sang for and
with St. John Paul II in Rome during a private audience where I
received a personal blessing from His Holiness.

• I love to travel and experience other energies, cultures and see the amazing
natural and man made sites around the world. I have been to over 30
countries and most of the States in the US.
• I worked for eighteen years in the computer industry, with the last twelve
focusing on business transformation consulting, process analysis and
reengineering, professional meeting facilitation, and general business and
management consulting.
• I have extensive experience leading customer and corporate planning
sessions, requirements studies, JAR/JAD sessions, ACT (accelerate change
today) sessions and quality assessments. 4 years’ experience with Enterprise
Engineering, providing business structure and strategy modeling,
function/process modeling, consulting and meeting facilitation.
• I had eighteen months of international experience working in Europe,
auditing corporate processes, including operational overviews, contract
management, inventory management, accounting, and environmental
• I joined a Business Transformation Consulting group and earned my
Professional Certification in Business Transformation and Organizational
• I voluntarily left my corporate job in April 2001at the prompting of Spirit to
work for myself to better help others, and developed a small business
coaching and individual life coaching business.
• I have worked for a non-profit working with people and dogs
• I owned and ran dog training franchises in NY, CT, Los Angeles and
• I was a district leader for Primerica and in order to better help families I got
my licenses in Life Insurance, Mortgage Brokerage, and Financial Planning.
• I have created and run customized retreats, workshops, classes and lectures
and had worked in the spiritual gift bootcamp world of psychic fairs
providing spiritual life coaching and intuitive assistance to thousands of
students, participants and clients throughout the world over the past 40 plus
• I am a Monroe Institute Outreach Trainer able to bring 1 and 2 day mini
workshops to small groups and centers around the country.

Alethea’s Areas of Expertise and Proficiency:
• Spiritual Life Coaching;
• Clairvoyant answering of questions listening to the promptings and
messages from Spirit;
• Reading Angel, Oracle and Tarot Cards;
• Writing and relaying inspired writing, poetry and messages from Spririt;
• Reading Palms;
• Crystal layouts for healing and energizing people and locations;
• Reading Energy and Auras;
• Reading Pictures and Tuning into objects and their energies;
• Mediumship and communicating with Spirit, guides, and departed loved
ones including people and animals;
• SRT - Spiritual Response Therapy to assist with personal or relationship soul
issue clearing along with associated house/office blessings and negative
energy clearing of home and office locations;
• Certified master practitioner of NLP, Hypnotherapy, and Timeline
• Certified Massage Therapist and Healer in multiple modalities including
Swedish style massage, Reflexology, Thai Massage, Reiki (Master), Matrix
Energetics, The Reconnection, and the Results System of healing utilizing
kinesiology and other tools to assist in body and energy realignments to
ease pain and increase range of movement.
• Ordained Minister in the Sanctuary of the Beloved – a healing teaching
order of Melchizedek whose mission it is to positively impact people’s lives.

Background and Philosophy of Service:
If someone asked me to describe my spiritual gifts and psychic talents and how I
use them to help others, I would say, whether I am “entertaining” at an event
providing mini-readings for guests, or conducting in depth life coaching sessions, I
am able to tune into a person, animal or group’s energy and use a variety of tools,
techniques and methods to provide guidance, comfort, direction, insights, and
information to help my clients overcome blocks, to get them back on track with
their soul’s purpose, and to align themselves in thought and action with the
future they want to create for themselves and for their loves ones. I’m also able to easily customize classes and adhoc meditations for individuals and groups to help them accomplish their desired outcomes.

I believe being intuitive and having spiritual gifts is a human potential like playing
music. I believe my personal gifts are both a natural gift I inherited and then
developed over decades of education, training and practice.

I am the eldest daughter of the eldest daughter of the eldest daughter, and
having spiritual gifts of intuition, perception of and communication with spirits. I
hear the voice of the Holy Spirit prompting me and providing personal revelation
and guidance to me often.

Reading energy is something I have done since I was a child. I saw and
communicated with light beings when I was 7 years old, not knowing that doing
so was not “normal”.

I learned how to read angel and tarot cards when I was 9 years old, and have
been studying, practicing and teaching various metaphysical, spiritual, body
working, healing and life coaching tools, techniques and methodologies for the
past 52 years, publicly charging and being of service to the public for the past 40

I was blessed to have extensive training studying around the world over the years
with psychics, mystics, shamans, spiritual teachers, spiritualists and mediums,
healers, and other practitioners of specific skills I wished to add to my
metaphysical tool belt.

I have taken hundreds of classes, seminars, workshops and retreats over the
years, read extensively, and have recently started a podcast called “Spiritually
Speaking with Alethea” so that I can “pay it forward” and output and share much
of what I have learned over the years with a wider audience.

In addition to the esoteric trainings, while working in the corporate sector, I had
extensive training in public speaking, professional meeting facilitation, group and
personal dynamics, conflict resolution, personality types and assessments (Graves
Model, MyersBriggs , Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey), effective
communication skills, visualization, affirmations, strategic planning and tactical

Public Visibility/Credits:
• In the 1980’s and 1990’s articles by or about me were in various CT and NY
newspapers and magazines
• I was the Metaphysical expert on local cable discussion panels, and local CT
radio stations during the 1990’s
• In 2016, I was on Night-Light (Blog Talk Radio) where I was on several shows
providing readings for callers nationwide.
• In 2018, I wrote and published my first book “The Creative Not Now” – Life
Coaching Secrets of How to Restore power and Balance to Your Life Today.
• I am comfortable with being onstage after having many opportunities to do
so from singing and performing to entertain, doing spirit circle (gallery)
work in front of audiences, teaching classes and giving motivational or
informational speeches.

My fees vary depending on who is hiring me for what. Generally speaking, I
charge $200 an hour for private sessions, and $300 an hour for group work plus
travel expenses to come to the location. I am very willing and able to customize
offerings, classes, and readings for the event or specific needs of the client.
I am willing to travel anywhere nationally or internationally to teach, lecture, or
work with clients in a variety of capacities, from retreats to recognition events,
from psychic fairs to house parties, to private sessions in offices, homes, and on-
location. I have easily worked with over 10,000 clients in over 30 countries over
the years.

I love “entertaining” at parties and events, and can adjust my style and readings
to fit whatever the sponsor or client is wanting to have done, as well as doing
serious spiritual work at house parties or at centers / locations with groups who
have specific goals and needs in mind.

I am the “queen of customization” and whether it is a corporate gig, a famous
person’s exclusive event, or simply a group of family members or friends wanting
to get together, I can and have been there to help.

Whether in person, over the phone, or via Zoom, I teach and work with private
students and clients, couples, group workshops, retreats, customized trainings,
large events and parties. See offerings tab for details about specific offerings.

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Integrating Awareness into Your Life

Everyday I help individuals integrate awareness into their daily lives. My consultation services help you identify and address the obstacles that prevent you from living your best life. I believe that awareness is the first step towards healing and well-being, and I am here to guide you every step of the way. Let me help you discover your full potential and live a fulfilling life.

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"The journey of self-discovery begins with a single step. Let Alethea be your guide."

Alethea Jacob

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