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Through the years, there have been times in my life where I reached for clarity that wasn't always available.  It might have been during particularly challenging times, or even during those moments when the choices in front of me felt important, in a very pivotal way.


I have known Alethea for many years, and have always deeply trusted the intuitive way in which she can see through so much of what many of us cannot.  I trusted her in conversations about relationships, work and as difficult as it was, even through the passing of my son.  Her innate wisdom gave me profound comfort by sharing with me insights that I would most likely never have had on my own.


In the truest sense of the word, Alethea is a metaphysicist, but more specifically, she is a metaphysical healer. It takes a pure and honest spirit and heart coupled with a clear and focused mind to be so effective. She has the gift.  Alethea IS the gift. I am deeply grateful for the work we have done together.


Dr. David D - Rhode Island

One of the difficulties in life is learning how to read the 'road signs' of life.  There are many choices, and many paths to take. 


Do you need clarity?


If so, contact Alethea! She is a life coach extraordinaire, an intuitive, a queen of crystals, and someone with outstanding spiritual gifts.


SHE will help you find the clarity you need as you navigate the many choices our lives hold for us.


A woman of pure heart filled with generosity, she will help guide you in all aspects of daily living.


Elaine M. - Wisconsin

Alethea helped me grieve the loss of my pet by assuring me he was in a better place and happy, content, and appreciative of me and how well I cared for him.  She felt the love he had for me and I for him and that was comforting to know he knew he was very loved.  She is amazing!


Stacy B. - Wisconsin

Alethea Jacob has been my closest friend and confidant for over forty years. We met in college and shared a love of music, particularly singing. Alethea and her family were like my own, as we shared beautiful holidays and games tournaments. I cannot picture my life without Alethea. Her kindness, generosity and compassion are endearing. Rarely do you meet a person whose warmth and caring ways are like a balm in this troubled world. 

Alethea is an amazing lady whose talents are too numerous to list. My world is blessed for knowing and loving her. 

Margaret M R   -  New York

I have known Alethea since the late ‘80’s as a sincere and gifted spiritual life coach, healer and metaphysical teacher. She is a heartfelt intuitive reader and powerful seminar leader who brings through inspirational messages that brings clarity to the mind, uplifts the soul and elevates the process of making life choices.  


Her ability to bring out the positive aspects of her clients and students extends readily to those she interviews in podcasts, on-line seminars and other media interactions.  


We have partnered in many endeavors, teaching seminars, working with clients, even mining crystals.  I am looking forward to presenting seminars, from personal growth to ancient wisdom, with her in the future.   


Craig J.  – Sedona, Arizona

”I came with an open mind excited to learn something and wasn’t totally sure what to expect had a really great time learning about myself, my biz, my relationships and all sorts of extra cool shit. I’ve always felt that combining business & Magic is the difference between being ordinary and extraordinary.   Alethea helped us to zero in using specific tools to channel our personal power, and intuition, and be best version of ourselves. Making new friends and gaining insights on strengthening my current relationships was extra icing on the cake.  Alethea welcoming us into her home to gather made the experience comfortable, relatable, and was a welcome break from the norm.  Dare to be different and don’t miss the next event. Oh, and did I mention, I left with lots of magical goodies?!  Can’t wait to see what we collectively will manifest as a result of this weekend workshop!


Janene Z. – California

Alethea is an amazing Spiritual Mentor and Life Guide.  I had the great honor of spending time with her at a Healing center that we both did some consulting work out of. She is knowledgeable and loving and caring,  deeply connected to spirit and loves to share her gifts.  I was lucky to have felt a real connection with her and was guided in trusting my own gifts.  She is a rare Healer who loves unconditionally and was born to do this work.  I’m forever grateful for my experiences and friendship with Alethea 


Joann F. – New York

I met Alethea several years ago. She has such a amazing energy and is so friendly!
I have had several readings and spiritual guidance from her she is really great with her gifts. I even hired her for my birthday party to do readings and she wowed the partygoers; I recommend her to everyone. Love and Light.

Cheryl R. - California

My first visit with Alethea was about 5 years ago. I was having a hard time with my grandmother passing and she connected me with her. It was a beautiful and positive experience. She was very sweet, very accurate about everything. I’ve had a few sessions over the years with her and each time she’s always on point. I leave feeling happy, positive and with answers.

Erica M.  - Connecticut

Alethea was a great help to me when I was going through a rough time during my divorce.  She helped bring clarity to my situation and opened my eyes to choices I had not seen before.  Her kind and loving guidance continues to give me the courage to do what is best for myself and my family.  The connection Alethea has with the spirit is truly amazing and awe inspiring.


Rachel B. - Wisconsin

Alethea Jacob is the real deal. Her knowledge of the metaphysical from years of study and practice, combined with her compassion and ability to communicate clearly and effectively makes her an amazing teacher and has greatly enhanced her ability to “see” the currents of your life and to address your questions and concerns. She is truly gifted.  

Ashley M. - Connecticut

Uncanny Abilities - I have known Alethea for nearly 20 years now. And I know this for certain; Alethea has two very important, and very powerful gifts.

First is the seemingly obvious one. The gift of communicating with spirits. Which, for me, being a “science guy” and somewhat skeptical of all the fake “woo-woo” that seems to permeate our world, I have been utterly amazed to watch Alethea “at work”.  On many occasions I have seen Alethea walk into a room, out of nowhere where, and without any plan or intention to do so, get a sense of someone that she should talk with because she began receiving messages, excuse herself to go talk with that individual, (that I KNOW she has never met before) and then watch as the tears of happiness and joy flow down that new found friend’s face.

Which brings me to the second gift that Alethea has. She is exceptional at interacting with the spirit and with you in a real and pragmatic way. There isn’t what I would call “stage hypnosis” in which you can take what was said and morph it into any interpretation that you want. The information shared with you is applicable to your life, right now. Today.

This is why Alethea is such an exceptional Spiritual Life Coach. Her temporal skills and her spiritual gifts that have been honed into spiritual skills through decades of practice and daily application make her someone to be trusted and to seek out for guidance with love.

Allen B. - Wisconsin

Listening to Alethea’s conversations open you up to higher realms of thought and considerations for your own spiritual growth. She has an extensive background in the esoteric and in the practical ins and outs of life, which makes her suggestions possible to implement. Alethea is devoted to helping those who are willing to help themselves. She is a true gift to those wanting more for their life’s path.

Deryn W. - Arizona

I have known Alethea for many years now. I worked with her in the corporate setting.  I admired her dedication to her work and the enthusiasm with which she approached every task and project. She had a way of connecting with our customers. As we became friends, Alethea opened a new way of seeing and experiencing life. She introduced me to the metaphysical world. I attended metaphysical sessions in her home in NY, with her at the Monroe Institute in Virginia and sessions in Sedona, AZ which included a fun trip to hike in the Grand Canyon.

We attended classes in Washington DC to get Hypnosis certifications. I was able to get my Reiki certification with Alethea when she offered Reiki certification classes in her home in NY. 

She touched my life in so many ways. I realized that just being in her presence was bringing joy into my life. Over the years our friendship has deepened and grown. I have learned from her to be open to so many different opportunities that life has offered me. I have seen her go through many of life’s challenges and grow stronger as a result. She has much wisdom to share with anyone who is fortunate enough to get to know her. Not to mention that she is also, a lot of fun!

I am deeply grateful for having her as a friend and teacher traveling together on this journey called life. 

Rekha H.  - New York

Make sure you give Alethea's readings a try - she is as informative as she is inspiring!


Scooter M.  - Virginia

I have known Alethea for many years. She is a gifted and intuitive psychic and life coach. Her spiritual readings are spot-on. She is genuine, altruistic, and a devoted friend. She has helped me in numerous ways over the years.  She is the real deal.

Janet L  - New York

Alethea’s  intuitive approach is unlike any I’ve had before. She sees things from a big picture perspective and helps you understand how you can tweak things to feel more empowered and clear in your life. I would definitely work with her again! 

Martina E. - Connecticut 

Twenty five years ago my life was in turmoil.  I lost everything.  All I had achieved previously was now gone. I searched for answers which I hoped would lead to a solution. But it didn't come easy. I struggled to exist and I felt I had no purpose. I searched for alternatives; I became spiritual. Shortly after I met Alethea through a mutual friend.  She became my life coach. She worked tirelessly with me through my ups and downs.  The journey was difficult.  But she encouraged me and showed me a different path that I wasn't accustomed to. As my life gradually improved I returned to a rewarding life. I owe it all to Alethea's work. I later realized Alethea saw more in me than I ever saw in myself.

Jim B. - Connecticut

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