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Energizing Your Being, Fulfilling Your Soul’s Purpose and Creating the Life You Want

Do you know what you want in your life or do you need a little help figuring it out?


Have you figured out why you are here and what fulfills your soul?

Do you know where you are going or how to take the next steps in the right direction?

Do you want more energy, clarity and focus on the journey there?

Have you considered the impact you have on others and the legacy you are leaving?

If you said yes to the above, then this workshop is especially for you.

Using various technology and time-tested tools and techniques, Alethea will guide you
through the process of discovery, clarification, and creation.

Joyfully enhance your energy and create the purpose driven life you want with passion,
dedication, and a focused intent on making decisions and taking actions that support the you, that you were always meant to be, and are now in the process of becoming.

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Manifesting Your Dreams Workshop

Do something fun and meaningful for you!

During this workshop you will learn tools and techniques for visualizing and manifesting what you
want to create in your best possible life.

• Define what it is that you really want

• Identify what’s blocking or stopping you from taking action

• Come up with solutions to overcome your blocks

• Create an action plan to take the first steps and start building momentum

• Develop passion for your dream and cultivate belief in yourself

• Create a vision board to be a constant reminder of what you want and where you are going

• Learn about the power of affirmations, positive focused thinking and visualization and how to avoid behaviors that may sabotage or delay you from getting what you want

• Understanding that the secret to manifesting is a partnership between clear focused heart felt intent and the consistent actions you take in the direction of what you are wanting to manifest.

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Energize and Balance Your Body, Mind and Spirit

During this experiential workshop will:

• Discuss the major aspects of Body (hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch), Mind (intellect & logic,
abstract & creative), and Spirit (purpose & power, loving & nurturing, intuition & knowing, integration
& trust) to determine where you need balancing.

• Look at the polarities and determine whether each aspect is overwhelmed, under stimulated, or is balanced. Awareness ---> Assessment ---> Action

• Explore various techniques to raise, clear or balance energy quickly. These techniques include:
(Sonic Clearing, Aura Sweep, Fountain / Shower, Visualization, Breathing, Water, Wind, Sun, Earth,
Hands Up, Ask for it (Higher self, guides, etc.)

• And much more

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Ancient Wisdoms for Modern Times

Have you ever wondered if the myths and legends of the ancient peoples have any relevance today?

What are the secrets that have been shared over time to help us access more of our human potential?

Have you read about the amazing technologies and abilities of the peoples of the lost civilizations and
wondered if they could possibly be true?

During this workshop you will learn about:

• The metaphysical tools and technologies of ancient civilizations

• The common themes and stories handed down and preserved through time that our ancestors believed
were significant and important

• The ancient wonders and theories of how and why they were constructed

• Meditations and techniques you can use to explore these ancient worlds and bring back energy and
information that will be beneficial in your life today

• How to incorporate the most successful techniques to supercharge your life and manifest what you
want and need most.

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Understanding and Working with Crystals

Have you always loved and wondered about crystals and how you use them to affect the
energy in your body, home or workplace?

Crystals can be tools for increasing, focusing, and storing energy and information. Whether in their
raw form, cut and polished and made into jewelry or healing tools, or beautiful decorations, crystals
and minerals are gifts of the heavens and Earth that can enhance our energy and beautify our
homes and lives.

During this workshop you will learn about:

· Various crystals and their properties

· How to clear, energize and program them

· What are your chakras and how can crystals enhance and help heal energies within them

· Ways to energetically protect and heal yourself and others with these gifts from the earth and


· How to apply and use crystals in layouts, spreads, and good locations

· And much more

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The Power of Quest

Break through your perceived limitations and rise to the full potential of who you were always

meant to be!

Haven’t you felt that there is something at the core of you are that continues to call you?
Something that you can’t quite put your finger on, but still the pull of destiny calls you?

Have you felt the pull of a yearning… a longing… to be something or someone greater than
your currently experiencing?

Have you had limited success only to have trouble passing through the threshold to that next
level you have glimpsed but not yet attained?

In The Power of Quest Workshop, you will learn to operate in the world from a positive and
powerful position that at its core is the foundation for behaving in the world with a sense of
being and becoming. You will find yourself moving through the world with purpose and the
sense that the future is already known and simply unfolding in front of your very eyes.

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Self Discovery – Accessing Your Intuitive Abilities and Your Spiritual Gifts

During this workshop we will explore and develop your intuition and the various spiritual gifts that are every human’s potential and birthright!

· Awaken your spiritual essence and connect to the guidance within

· Learn about energy, information and inspiration available to you

· Experience guided meditations

·Establish relaxation triggers and power symbols

· Experiment with techniques to see where you have the greatest natural ability, aptitude or interest. Some techniques we will cover include picture reading, aura scanning, psychometry, intuitive tools, automatic writing, and various forms of channeling information and energy.

· And much more

Note: For in-person workshops, students should bring a notebook, pictures of other people they know, and an object or piece of jewelry belonging to a friend or family member.

Healing Your Inner Child

·During this workshop you will learn ways to get in touch with and help heal the child within you.

· Unlock potential impacted by your child hood experiences

· Comfort and heal your inner child so she / he can better help inspire your creativity and intuition.

· Explore various techniques and engage your guides and angels to heal past hurts

· Rediscover the joyfulness and playfulness that enhances life

· And much more

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Learning About and How to See Auras and Energy Fields

Have you always wondered about auras and how you could perceive them?

If so, join us for a fun time playing and learning about:

· What are the various layers of the aura and their significance in what you experience in your
day-to-day life

· How to energize and fluff up your aura for fun and protection

· How to energetically protect yourself from other people’s energy and bless others with positive

· How to perceive auras in living beings, i.e. animals and people and nature

· And much more.

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Make a Joyful Noise – Rediscover the Power of Play

During these informational, experiential and participative seminars and workshops we will be focusing on the ancient healing powers of sound - utilizing Tibetan bells, bowls, chimes, drums, rattles, rain sticks, shamanic shells, and voice.

The “Tools and Toys”:

· Tibetan Bells and Bowls - these extraordinary temple bells and bowls create a deeply pervasive and mystical resonance. They can be played in a variety of ways, alone, or as part of an ensemble.

· Tibetan Symbols and American Chimes - these percussive instruments add bursts of energy to any sound experience. With tones that can be short or long in duration, they can produce a variety of positive effects on the listener.

· Drums, Rattles, and Rain Sticks - These ancient tribal tools have long been used to direct energy. Their rhythmic beats and sounds facilitate deep introspection and journeys to the inner realms.

· Shamanic Shells and Shakers - Surprising sounds from nature produce interesting shifts in energy and awareness. They are powerful tools for breaking blocks and disbursing negative energy.

· Voice - The one tool we carry with us all the time, our voice, can produce sounds, chants, tones and notes to raise energy levels or to release tension and relax.

These workshops are informational, experiential, & participative. Alethea initially presents the concepts and describes each of the tools & toys in detail. She then leads a meditation to allow the participants to experience the energy, and then invites the participants to “play” and make some joyful noise together. It is a fun overview and an opportunity to explore sound and the many uses it has in our lives.

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Learning How to Read Angel, Tarot and Oracle Cards and Other Tools for Daily Guidance

During this workshop you will learn about and be given the opportunity and encouragement to
explore Angel, Tarot, and Oracle Cards, along with other tools to provide daily guidance!

· Learn the meaning behind and uses of various types of card decks

 · Learn about spreads and various methods for using cards for guidance

· Learn about other tools you can experiment with and use including pendulums, kinesiology,
dowsing rods, and your own body wisdom

· Learn how to do readings and obtain guidance and inspiration for yourself and others

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Stress and Anger Management Workshop

Find Peace of Mind, Body and Spirit!

Define the causes of stress in your life.

Determine what is within your ability to influence or control.

Identify what’s blocking or stopping you from taking action.

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